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  • Expository Essays on 1st John

    The apostle John does two things in this important epistle. First he offers various evidences of grace so that God’s child may have assurance. Secondly, he poses various tests of discipleship so that the professed believer may examine himself whether … Read More

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  • The Seven Churches of Asia

    This brief study of Revelation 1-3 focuses on answering the question, “What does the Lord Jesus Christ look for in his churches?” Such a question is a far cry from the popular question “What do people want in a church?” From the messages to … Read More

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  • Day by Day: 365 Daily Readings on Biblical Themes

    by Elder Ralph E. Harris Paperback, 392 pp. Published 2012 by Sovereign Grace Publications, LLC ISBN 978-1-929635-15-3 A daily devotional is a useful resource to people living in a fast-paced world. Although there is no substitute for the daily discipline of reading and … Read More

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  • Be Ready To Answer

    A Christian apologetic for the person in the pew, this volume aims to equip both the young and the more mature believer in defending the faith. REVISED & UPDATED EDITION Author: Michael L. Gowens ISBN: 978-1-929635-08-5 340 pp, Perfect-bound Paperback … Read More

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  • I Believe the Doctrines of Grace

    Salvation by grace alone is the heart of the gospel message. Apart from God’s sovereign initiative to bestow blessing on people who deserved his wrath, heaven would be vacant and a thousand hells filled to capacity. The good news of … Read More

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  • Rediscovering Reverence

    These are irreverent times. From the sacrilege of pop-culture to the push for a more casual, user-friendly, and seeker-sensitive approach to church worship, Biblical subjects like “the fear of the Lord” have almost slipped into obscurity. In such a climate … Read More

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  • The Life of David

    God gave us stories. We can be happy that He did not reveal truth in the language of a textbook or technical manual, but in the real-life stories of Biblical characters, like David. At least forty-one chapters in the Old … Read More

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  • The Sermon on the Mount

    The exposition of The Sermon on the Mount is our Lord’s most comprehensive treatment of Christian discipleship in the Gospels. Jesus begins by defining the distinguishing traits of Christian character… …proceeds to discussions of Christian ethics, Christian devotion, and Christian promises, and concludes by calling … Read More

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  • The Gospel of Luke

    294 pp. Paperback Reg. $19.95 – End of Year Sale Price $16.00 The Gospel according to Luke is not a collection of abstract doctrines, but the story of Jesus making His way to the cross of Calvary…Employing various geographic areas … Read More

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  • Eternal Security of Deceased Infants

    by Elder Michael N. Ivey Subtitle: Scriptural Record Considered, Objections Addressed, plus Historical Evidence of Baptist Support All loss in death is difficult, but the death of a little child is particularly so. It hurts like a blow in the … Read More

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  • Basic Bible Doctrines: Systematic Theology for the Person in the Pew

    Michael Gowens 186 pp (paperback) Reg. $15.00 – End of Year Sale Price $12.95 Every Christian should be a systematic theologian. Each should be able to formulate the core truths of the Bible in an orderly arrangement so as to … Read More

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  • Great Prayers of the Bible

    The instinct to pray is a gift of Divine grace. But the ability to pray better and more effectively is a spiritual discipline. God hears the simplest child’s prayer if it comes from the heart. Growth in grace, however, involves … Read More

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