The Gospel of Luke


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294 pp. Paperback

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The Gospel according to Luke is not a collection of abstract doctrines, but the story of Jesus making His way to the cross of Calvary…Employing various geographic areas as the setting in which the different scenes in the drama of Jesus’ life occur, Luke leads us on a remarkable journey to the cross. He appears as a sort of “tour guide,” taking his readers first to Bethlehem and Nazareth…then to Galilee, and finally to Jerusalem to be crucified.

Luke paints vivid portraits of people who did not ordinarily receive attention–women, children, and the poor–and shows Jesus’ concern for them. His is the Gospel of the poor and lowly.

His vocabulary is so refined that the infidel Renan once said, “The gospel according to Luke is the most beautiful book in all the world. It is like a garden of fragrant flowers.”

by Michael L. Gowens
Published by Sovereign Grace Publications, 2011
ISBN 978-1-929635-10-8