The Life of David


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God gave us stories. We can be happy that He did not reveal truth in
the language of a textbook or technical manual, but in the real-life
stories of Biblical characters, like David.

At least forty-one chapters in the Old Testament, more than any
other Bible character, are devoted to the biographical narrative of
this “man after God’s own heart.”

176pp. Paperback
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Focusing on the historical sketches of David’s life in 1st and 2nd
Samuel, Mike Gowens shows how a number of key Bible doctrines, such
as the doctrine of Divine providence, the concept of covenant, and a
thrilling illustration of grace, are interwoven in the narrative.

Follow along from chapter to chapter and glean helpful practical
lessons from the life of this man who was a shepherd, a soldier, a
singer, a sovereign, and a sinner. Indeed, the sacred narrative not
only reveals his great successes, but also his great failures. But how
encouraging it is to see David in his darkest moments as the great

Finally, reap a devotional benefit as the author weaves into the story
of David’s life many of the Psalms he composed at various junctures
along the way.

by Michael L. Gowens
ISBN 978-1-929635-11-5
Published by Sovereign Grace Publications (2011)