Eternal Security of Deceased Infants


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by Elder Michael N. Ivey

Subtitle: Scriptural Record Considered, Objections Addressed, plus Historical Evidence of Baptist Support

All loss in death is difficult, but the death of a little child is particularly so. It hurts like a blow in the solar plexus. It leaves folk wondering if they will ever smile again. In this excellent study, Elder Ivey presents arguments both from Holy Scripture and from Baptist history to support the proposition that God, in his prescience and love, provides eternal security for all who die in infancy. He shows that this position is consistent with God’s word and with the views of many notable Baptists of antiquity. Before you dismiss his position as a mere exercise in sentimentality, I urge you to give thoughtful consideration to his arguments. I think you will find them to be cogent and compelling. (from the Foreword)

88 pp. Paperback