Day by Day: 365 Daily Readings on Biblical Themes


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by Elder Ralph E. Harris

Paperback, 392 pp.

Published 2012 by Sovereign Grace Publications, LLC

ISBN 978-1-929635-15-3

A daily devotional is a useful resource to people living in a fast-paced world. Although there is no substitute for the daily discipline of reading and studying God’s word, yet a book of brief devotional thoughts like this volume from Elder Ralph Harris may serve a spiritually beneficial purpose between opportunities for more intensive focus on the Scriptures.

Ralph E. Harris has served as an ordained minister among the Primitive Baptists for over fifty years. For thirty-three of those years, he was editor of The Advocate and Messenger, a respected Primitive Baptist periodical. He and Melba, his wife of fifty years, reside in the panhandle of north Florida.


These daily readings are subdivided into three primary sections, with the first containing the lion’s share of the entries: Nuggets of Truth, Musings, and Bits & Pieces.

Whether you use the book early in the morning as a springboard for meditation throughout the day, or in the evenings for a few moments of quiet reflection prior to retiring for the night, or as a minister’s stimulus for ideas that may lead to sermon material, Day by Day will be a helpful resource to your daily walk of Christian discipleship.