What Shall We Say Then?


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Questions and Answers Concerning Primitive Baptist Beliefs and Practices


Elder Jeff Winfrey

276pp Paperback
Published by SGP 2017
ISBN 978-1-929635-28-3
A thoroughly readable volume on the beliefs and practices of Primitive Baptists. The author addresses subjects such as:
Primitive Baptist Doctrine, The Existence of God, The Deity of Jesus Christ, The Difference in Primitive Baptists and other Christian Groups, How People are Born Again, The Meaning of John 3:16, The Purpose of the Gospel, The Place of Good Works, Spiritual Gifts …and many more.
“What shall we say then reads like a comfortable, afternoon chat with an accessible and experienced Primitive Baptist minister. Anyone who knows Jeff Winfrey knows his passion for communicating Biblical truth in popular terms. This populist approach makes this title extremely useful to young people who are attempting to understand Primitive Baptist convictions, as well as inquirers of every age who may be asking the way to Zion.”