A Mother’s Faith: How One Family Faced a Critical Illness


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Author: Dolph Painter

48 pp Paperback

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Published in 1998 by Sovereign Grace Publications

Melanie (Danger) Painter was an extraordinary woman of faith. She succumbed to cancer at the tender age of 34 on March 15, 1996. All who knew and loved her will be thankful for this testimony to her faith and courage, and this memoir of her devotion to and dependance on the Lord even during the darkest hours of her final battle.

“I wrote the following letter to my sons shortly after their mother passed away. At the time of this writing Graham was six years old, Lincoln was four, and Reid John was three. Although too young to remember or understand much that went on during their mother’s illness, I felt certain one day my sons would ask questions…I did not want my poor memory to be a source of frustration to my sons…I have permitted this letter to be published for the purpose of ministering to individuals with critically ill spouses…There isn’t a lot of literature written to, for, or by care giving spouses…Allow me to focus the reader on two themes: (1) When God’s will is sought, rest comes with decisions regardless of the outcome…(2) The Lord Jesus Christ will come again…I had to learn the first lesson over and over. The second lesson gave me (and still does) the hope and peace to endure.” (from the Preface)

Dolph and his wife Deborah live in Athens, GA with their five children: Graham, Lincoln, Reid, Emma & Hope. He pastors Moriah Primitive Baptist Church.