Romans: Theological Masterpiece – Volume 2 Hardbound


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498 pages Hardbound

by Elder Joseph R. Holder

ISBN 978-1-929635-22-1

Volume 2 of Joseph Holder’s exposition of Romans deals with Romans 9-16. With the kind of precise and pertinent analyses readers have come to expect from him,Holder tackles what is arguably Paul’s most comprehensive treatment of Christian doctrine in the New Testament. The epistle to the Romans is, indeed, a “theological masterpiece.” Against the dark background of man’s tragic sinfulness, Paul paints the brilliant scene of God’s gracious gift of righteousness through the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, he calls for a practical response of faith and godliness in the believer’s daily walk of discipleship. Chapter titles in Volume 2 include:

  • Personal Election
  • Belief and Confession: Evidences of Regeneration
  • Blindness in Part
  • Eternal Salvation: Distinct from Discipleship
  • Spiritual Gifts: Bestowed, not Earned or Gained
  • The Basis of Christian Liberty
  • Unity in the Faith Comes from God; Schism Does Not
  • What About Sister Phoebe?

and fifty-four others. Together with Volume 1, this Volume constitutes a complete exposition on every verse in Paul’s magnificient epistle to the Romans.