A devotional study in 52 brief chapters, corresponding to the 52 days in which Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Use this 171pp book with the accompanying Rebuild! Coloring Book for use in family devotions, as a part of a homeschool curriculum, or for purposes of individual Bible study.

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by Bryce H. Lowrance

(Illustrated by Gracie Lowrance)

ISBN 978-1-929635-35-1

171 pp. Paperback (6×9)

*$15.00 (please also see the option to purchase the book with the accompanying coloring book at a discount in the special Combo Package)

The Book of Nehemiah records a pivotal time in the history of Israel when the city of Jerusalem was partially restored to its former majesty. Bryce Lowrance uses the struggles and victories of Nehemiah’s physical work to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem as spiritual lessons on how the people of God can rebuild their individual lives, their families, and their churches.

This devotional study is designed to follow the pattern of the 52 days it took for the Israelites to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. These brief devotionals may be used to improve discipleship as an individual, to strengthen your family, or to build up the unity of your home church (as well as other ways). You can do it as a daily devotional, or take one devotional per week for a year-long study. The study can also be read at your own speed of comprehension and application. However it is approached, the book is intended to be applied as a whole, not just small portions by preference.