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  • REBUILD! (Combo Package)

    Combination of the 171 pp book – Rebuild! Discipleship Lessons from Nehemiah – and the 105 pp coloring book – Rebuild! Coloring Book – by Bryce H. Lowrance, Illustrated by Grace Lowrance

    “Bryce Lowrance has produced an excellent resource for families to use as a part of a homeschool curriculum or in family devotions. Let Pastor Lowrance lead you as you glean practical insights from Nehemiah’s story in fifty-two simple lessons while reinforcing this important era in Old Testament history with the accompanying coloring book featuring artistic sketches from his talented daughter Gracie.” (Pastor Michael Gowens)

    not rated $25.00
  • REBUILD! Coloring Book

    The book of Nehemiah is an adventurous account of the children of Israel returning to their homeland after many years in captivity. Pastor Lowrance’s devotional book “Rebuild: Discipleship Lessons from Nehemiah” is designed to be a 52 day or 52 week guide to growth in grace. Patterned after the 52 days it took to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, the study examines the physical troubles and battles of the children of Israel, and then compares them to the spiritual struggles of God’s people now.

    not rated $12.50
  • Rebuild!

    A devotional study in 52 brief chapters, corresponding to the 52 days in which Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Use this 171pp book with the accompanying Rebuild! Coloring Book for use in family devotions, as a part of a homeschool curriculum, or for purposes of individual Bible study.

    not rated $15.00