A Resurrection Gospel


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The Glorious Simplicity of Biblical Eschatology

by Joseph R. Holder

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312 pp paperback
ISBN 978-1-929635-27-6
The Christian gospel is good news precisely because it proclaims Christ’s victory over death. A resurrection motif runs through every part of the apostolic gospel, like a golden thread that ties a garment together. As he works his way through the primary “resurrection” passages in God’s word, Joe Holder explains how the literal, historical fact of Christ’s resurrection underpins not only the Biblical doctrine of salvation, but also the doctrine of the end-times, as well as its teaching on Christian ethics. offers pastoral counsel and biblical comfort to real people with real problems, helping them to navigate the path of suffering with calmness of soul and peace that passes understanding. In a word, Biblical eschatology does not have to be as complicated as some teachers make it. Biblical teaching on the end-times, in fact, is marked by a refreshing simplicity, by virtue of the centrality of the bodily resurrection of the dead. The good news of the gospel is “Because He lives, we shall live also!