What is a Primitive Baptist?


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222p Paperback by Elder David Wise


From the author: When I tell others that I pastor and attend a Primitive Baptist Church, it’s very common for their first question to be “What is a Primitive Baptist?” Well, my short answer to that question is usually something like this: “We as Primitive Baptists believe that Jesus Christ finished the work of eternal salvation on the cross apart from any action or work of man, and we are saved to heaven by Jesus Christ’s blood and by God’s sovereign grace alone. We worship in a simple manner in accordance with the New Testament scriptures; we sing, we preach, we pray, and we fellowship. We hope you will come and worship with us as well.” Actually, there are quite a few aspects of the doctrine, worship, and practice of the Primitive Baptist Church that are considerably different than the general teachings in Christianity today. We attempt to maintain the original apostles’ doctrine and simplistic worship and practice we see in the scriptures of the Original (Primitive) Baptist Church. In this book, we hope to consider the identifying marks of the Lord’s church in light of the word of God.