Hebrews: Expository Essays Series


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142  pp Paperback
ISBN 978-1-929635-13-9


A systematic study consisting of 29 brief chapters through this important NT epistle. The inspired author of Hebrews calls his epistle a “word of exhortation” in the final chapter. That word conveys both the ideas of warning and encouragement.

Under the relentless pressure of persecution, the Hebrews faced a powerful temptation to recant and repudiate their new profession of faith. Many had lost their jobs, their families, their reputation, and their material possessions.

Some had already gone back. Others had slipped into a state of complacency. They were at a spiritual standstill and in danger of backsliding. Most were discouraged and fearful, and were beginning to weaken beneath the assault.

Hebrews is written, consequently, to persuade them to resist the strong temptation to surrender and to encourage them to persevere in faith. The writer urges them to strive for the goal of total fidelity to Christ, in spite of the pressures of the moment.

Study with Mike Gowens as he works his way through this thrilling letter that urges believers, both by warnings and encouragements, to travel the path of discipleship with endurance and faithfulness.