Exposition of Hebrews

An expository series of 52 sermons by Michael Gowens, delivered in 2021-2022

1. An Overview of the Book of Hebrews

2. Christ the Mediator

3. The Glory of Christ

4. Jesus Christ, Superior to Angels

5. Jesus Christ, Superior to Angels Pt 2

6. So Great Salvation

7. The Death of Death in the Death of Christ

8. Jesus Christ, Our Older Brother

9. Consider Jesus

10. A Greater Than Moses

11. Beware a Wandering Heart

12. The Promise of Gospel Rest

13. You Have a Priest

14. Approaching the Throne in Prayer

15. Our Sympathetic High Priest

16. Christ’s Obedience and Ours

17. It’s Time to Grow Up

18. A Warning to the Backslider

19. The Diligent Pursuit of Assurance

20. The Ground of Christian Assurance

21. Christ’s Ancient Priestly Order

22. The Superior Priesthood of Christ

23. The Main Point of Hebrews

24. Covenant-The Key that Unlocks the Bible

25. A New and Better Covenant

26. The Symbolism of Tabernacle Worship

27. Cleansing the Guilty Conscience

28. Not Made With Hands

29. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

30. What Did the Death of Christ Accomplish

31. The Last Things

32. Perfected Forever

33. Drawing Near to God

34. Drawing Near With the Church

35. Drawing Closer Not Back

36. An Encouragement to Persevere

37. The Life of Faith

38. The Reward of Faith

39. Walking With God by Faith

40. Noah – A Father’s Faith for the End Times

41. Living in the Future Tense

42. Faith On Trial

43. Faith at the Crossroads

44. Faith on the Mountain and in the Valley

45. Learning to Lean

46. Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

47. The Father’s Child-Training Program

48. Living With a Corporate Focus

49. The Glory of Corporate Worship

50. The Coming Great Earthquake

51. Living Like a Pilgrim

52. A Christian Benediction