How Christianity Transformed the World

The Incredible Impact of Christ & His Gospel on Human History

Four sermons by Michael L. Gowens 

The text for this series of sermons is Acts 17:6: “These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” We are living in an age when Christ and His gospel are increasingly maligned and blamed for every modern, societal ill. But history actually tells a different story. Far from retarding the progress of civilization, Christianity has been responsible for many of the advances and improvements in the world. In fact, where the gospel of Jesus Christ has exercised a presence and influence, improvements in human rights, political freedom, medical science, and educational access has followed. Just as the early Christian apologist Justin Martyr defended the integrity of Christianity against error and falsehood in the second century A.D., it is essential that we also “set the record straight” in a reasoned, rational defense against the false claims of post-modernism. In these four sermons, Michael Gowens traces the historical phenomena of prosperity, freedom, health and wellness, and other positive developments in Western Civilization beyond the secular origins of ancient Greece and Rome to their real and ultimate beginnings in Jesus Christ and His gospel. It is Christianity, not secularism, that has transformed the world from medieval barbarism to the kind of civilization we’ve enjoyed over the previous two hundred years. As efforts are ramped up to once again destroy the foundations of western civilization and return the world to the chaotic barbarism, political oppression and human exploitation of the dark ages, it is crucial to educate oneself on the facts of history.

1. Christianity & the Sanctity of All Human Life (43 mins)

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2. Christianity, Marriage & the Role of Women (50 mins)

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3. Christianity & the Compassion of Orphanages, Hospitals & Elder Care (54 mins)

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4. Christianity’s Imprint on Education & Science (51 mins)

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