AUDIO BOOK: Born Again – The Doctrine of Effectual Calling

by Michael L. Gowens

Renewed interest in ‘sovereign grace’ within the Christian community today is one of the most encouraging signs of the times. Happily, it is increasingly common to hear reference made to Christ’s finished work, God’s sovereignty in election, and man’s inherent depravity today. Regardless of the source, I can rejoice when Christ is preached.

Less perspicuous among those who profess God’s sovereignty in salvation, however, is the distinction between regeneration and conversion. Which comes first: Divine rebirth or man’s faith? Regeneration or conversion? Is the gospel instrumental in regeneration? Must a sinner decide for Christ in order to be born again? Does a person’s eternal destiny ultimately depend on his response to the gospel? If not, what is the purpose, or function, of the gospel? These are the questions that Michael Gowens attempts to answer in this audio book.

This one-hour Audio Book, read by the author, is now available for both online listening or download to an .mp3 player.

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