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Return to the Beloved


Return to the Beloved
by Old School Hymnsingers
Directed by Elder Bryce H. Lowrance
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Twenty a capella hymns from the Centennial Edition of the Old School Hymnal:
1. Return to the Beloved (Maggie & Laney Hocutt)
2. A Throne of Grace (Ingram Cobbin & Thomas Arne)
3. Biblical Faith (Elders Wilson Thompson & Bryce Lowrance)
4. House of the Lord (William Hunter & Austin Lane)
5. Long Ere the Sun (Lowell Mason)
6. Come Unto Me (Charles P. Jones)
7. Effectual Calling (Matthew Arnold)
8. The Bride of Christ (J. F. Parker)
9. Who Am I? (Kate Moss & Elder Tim McCool)
10. Meditations (Elders David Bridgman & Roland Green)
11. God Will Provide Himself a Lamb (Elder Tim McCool)
12. Oh! Christ, He is the Fountain (Annie Ross Cousin & George J. Webb)
13. Give Thanks to the Lord (Luke Lowrance & Elder Bryce Lowrance)
14. ‘Twas With An Everlasting Love (John Kent & Daniel Reed)
15. Jesus Has Done All Things Well (Elder J. A. Monsees)
16. I Will Rest in Thy Love (Elder John R. Daily)
17. Poor, Weak and Worthless (John Newton & John S. Terry)
18. Help Thou Mine Unbelief (Laney Hocutt)
19. It Is Finished (Jonathan Evans & Wyatt Minshall)
20. Zion’s Song (Mason McCool)
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