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Contained in our bookstore are books on Christian topics by various contemporary and historic Primitive Baptist authors.

Glory to Come: A Framework for Understanding Future Things

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User Rating: / 13

Author: Michael L. Gowens

Perfect Bound 130pp

Price $15.00

Today's believer has lost something precious and its recovery is of paramount importance. Pastor and author Michael Gowens writes: "The modern Christian...has lost the pilgrim perspective that was so characteristic of the early church."



Born Again: The Doctrine of Effectual Calling

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Author: Michael L. Gowens


Price: $5.00

The author presents a case for immediate regeneration by the Holy Spirit, or regeneration without the use of means or media. A section on the purpose of the gospel is also included.


Hebrews: Expository Essays Series

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User Rating: / 7

142  pp Paperback

ISBN 978-1-929635-13-9


A systematic study consisting of 29 brief chapters through this important NT epistle. The inspired author of Hebrews calls his epistle a "word of exhortation" in the final chapter. That word conveys both the ideas of warning and encouragement.

Under the relentless pressure of persecution, the Hebrews faced a powerful temptation to recant and repudiate their new profession of faith. Many had lost their jobs, their families, their reputation, and their material possessions.



Understanding Your Bible: An Old Testament Survey

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User Rating: / 21

book coverAuthor: Michael L. Gowens

Paperback 232 pp


Does the Old Testament seem disjointed to you, like so many pieces of a disassembled motor in a mechanic shop? Have you ever wondered about the nexus between the Old Testament and the New? Understanding Your Bible may help.

This study through the Old Testament is an attempt to distill and crystallize the dominant theme of Divine Revelation while demonstrating how the various parts tie together as the theme develops.  Like the various pieces of a puzzle connect together to form a coherent picture, so an understanding of how the many details of the OT fit into the developing story-line--such as which prophets were contemporary with which kings and why a grasp of the historical background is critical to the interpretation of each passage--is helpful to the Bible student who seeks a better grasp of the entire Bible.
Commenting on this particular title, Mike Gowens states: "Of the various books I've written, Understanding Your Bible is far and away my personal favorite. The particular study that led to this title was arguably the most thrilling and educational bit of intensive Bible study I've ever done. If I were asked which title from my pen has brought me the greatest level of personal satisfaction, I would have to point to this one."

Order your copy today and join the author as he traces the plot of Scripture through the rising action of Old Testament history and prophecy and shows how it all fits together, paving the way for the message of the New Testament.


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