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Photos from Weekend

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On May 25-26, 2013, a group of Primitive Baptists met in Indianapolis, IN for the purpose of worship and fellowship and to see if there might be interest sufficient to establish an ongoing effort toward a gospel church in this great city. Approximately fifty-five people attended on Saturday and about twenty on Sunday. The singing was spiritual, the preaching substantive, and the fellowship sweet. Here you may find photographs from the weekend. Many thanks to Dale Corn and Lori Gray for taking pictures.










The larger portion of the Saturday afternoon group.                                                                                         Elder Gowens leading the congregation in singing.

Elder Michael Green, pastor of Fort Wayne PBC. Brother Nathan Meeks leading the congregation in singing on Sunday morning.

Elder Gowens visiting with Elders Meeks and Green and Sis Piper Meeks.                                                           Sisters Meeks and Aders visiting with the Gambill's.

Elder Robert Adam and his youngest.                                    Br. Ralph Chastain visiting with Br. & Sis. Paul Reynolds.                            Elder Gowens and Sis Maggie Green.

Elder Meeks attempts to convince Sis Eaton of some fine theological point.                                        Sisters Bethany and Maggie Green with Elivia and Evie Gray, enjoying lunch.

The Gambills and Bahler's, joining in congregational singing.                           Elder Gowens visits with Br. Jim Gambill.                                         Elder Doug Meeks on Sunday morning.

A portion of the group at lunch on Saturday.                                          Brother Nathan Meeks leads the congregation in worship.               Elder Robert Adam on Saturday afternoon.

Brother Dale Corn visits with Elder Gowens on Saturday morning.                                                 Brother Isaac Corn and Sis Elizabeth Adam visit in foreground as others mingle between services.

Three Old Baptist preachers, Elders Meeks, Adam and Green, visiting together.

Elder Michael Gowens leading singing. Elder Robert and Sis Elizabeth Adam.

A portion of the Saturday afternoon congregation. Sis Sue Chastain visiting with Sis Aders.

Elder & Sis Meeks and Nathan Pitney; Heather & Isaac Corn; Angela & Tony Parks.                                       Elder Gowens preaching on Sunday morning.

Elder Doug Meeks with granddaughter Lily.




Sis Heather with her daughter Lily.



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