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All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Genesis

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Six Sermons by Michael Gowens

Delivered at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Calabash, NC (2019)

In these last days of human history, the importance of a Biblical Worldview for professing Christians cannot be exaggerated. Michael Gowens seeks to be of help toward that end in these six messages from Genesis 1-11. Follow along with him as he sketches the Bible's "big idea" in terms of six "C" words - Creation, Curse, Cross, Catastrophe, Confusion, & Consummation - each of which themes is developed in the first eleven chapters of God's revelation in Scripture. The importance of these first chapters of the Bible may very well explain why they are under such relentless assault in our post-modern world. The recovery of these foundational truths, however, will give the believer in Christ the necessary structure for understanding why the world is in its present condition, and confidence to reaffirm God's moral absolutes. In this day when we are bombarded with the human philosophies of relativism, secularism and naturalism, nothing is more important than the need to think Biblically about life and the world.

[NOTE: We regret that the final 10 minutes of message #1 was not recorded due to the loss of electrical power. Some of the material covered at the end of that sermon, however, was revisited in message #2.]

1. Genesis and God's Moral Absolutes (Gen. 1)


2. Toward a Biblical Worldview (Gen. 1)


3. Created With Purpose (Gen. 1-2)


4. A Tale of Two Adams (Gen. 3-5)


5. The City of Man (Gen. 6-11)


6. The New Garden-City of God (Gen. 11-12)




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