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The Ten Commandments: God's Moral Absolutes

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An Exposition of Exodus 20:1-17 by Michael L. Gowens in 10 sermons

Our post-modern world is crumbling beneath the destructive effects of moral relativism. From abortion and euthanasia, to homosexuality and the redefinition of marriage, to gender-confusion and sexual deviancy, to human exploitation and a general attitude of disrespect for authority, the philosophy that each person is entitled to choose his or her own truth and ethical system is proving self-defeating to civilization. The remedy for this moral freefall is a rediscovery of God's Moral Absolutes as they are spelled out in the Ten Commandments. Study with Michael Gowens through this foundational passage to learn how very far reaching this Divine Standard for human behavior is for mankind, and to see how very much human beings need the gift of righteousness that God has provided to His elect in the Lord Jesus Christ.

1. Introduction: The Right Use of the Law            Download (right click, save)

2. Commandments 1 & 2: God Comes First           Download (right click, save)

3. Commandment 3: Keeping Vows & Promises       Download (right click, save)

4. Commandment 4: Honoring God With Your Time       Download (right click, save)

5. Commandment 5: Living Under Authority       Download (right click, save)

6. Commandment 6: Respecting Your Neighbor's Person       Download (right click, save)

7. Commandment 7: Respecting Your Neighbor's Relationships      Download (right click, save)

8. Commandment 8: Respecting Your Neighbor's Property       Download (right click, save)

9. Commandment 9: Respecting Your Neighbor's Reputation        Download (right click, save)

10. Commandment 10: The Spirit of the Law       Download (right click, save)



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