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The Book of Habakkuk

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Habbakuk: A Prophet's Journey to Faith

Five messages by Michael L. Gowens

Habakkuk's name means "to wrestle" and this little book shows how he grappled, or wrestled, with some very complex questions. Habakkuk is the story of one man's journey from perplexity   to peace, from fear to faith. This little three chapter book begins in the valley but ends on the mountaintop. It starts with a question mark and concludes with an exclamation point. Perhaps   you are currently troubled in soul because of adverse circumstances in your life. It may be that the prophet's experience may help you, as you wrestle with some difficult questions, to move     from perplexity to peace.

1. Why Doesn't God Do Something? - Hab. 1:1-2 (50:45)                       Download (right click, save)

2. The Prophet's Perplexity - Hab. 1:3-14 (55:20)                         Download (right click, save)

3. How Shall We Then Live? - Hab. 2 (59:50)                 Download (right click, save)

4. Peace in Him, Come What May - Hab. 3:17-19 (54:00)           Download (right click, save)

5. I Will Rejoice in Thy Salvation - Heb. 3:16-19 (55:00)                 Download (right click, save)



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