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The Heavens Still to Listen

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The Heavens Still to Listen

by Elder Tim McCool


This new song in a minor key was written by Elder Tim McCool in the summer of 2012. He states, concerning its composition:

"I have written hundreds of songs in my life -- bluegrass, country, gospel -- but I must say the experience in writing this song was totally different. The Spirit of the Lord overwhelmed me in every moment of dealing with this -- from the time I heard you say the line until the melody flowed forth. I count all [my] other music as but dross, and pray that this will be to His glory."

The "line" to which he refers derives from a message I preached on Revelation 8:1. Commenting on the phrase "and there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour," I made the following application to my hearers: "We should never be reluctant to pray for heaven stills to listen when the saints begin to pray." Elder McCool claims that this thought concerning the powerful resource God has given us in prayer gripped his meditations. In short order, he penned the lines and melody to this spiritual song. I trust that Elder McCool's song and the thoughts conveyed in it will likewise grip your mind and prove to be an encouragement for greater consistency and incentive to heightened confidence in the power of prayer. (MLG)

"The Heavens Still to Listen" (Song)


To access the sermon cited:

"World History & Your Prayers" (Rev. 8:1-6)





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