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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: A Pastor's Counsel & Comfort to Those Who Suffer

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by Michael L. Gowens

276 pp Paperback

Published (2015) by Sovereign Grace Publications

ISBN 978-1-929635-24-5


Trouble is inevitable in life, but when trouble gets inside the heart, a person is really in trouble. Such spiritual "heart trouble" is a threat to every believer living in this world. It may present itself in many different forms:

  • Depression
  • Disappointment
  • Loneliness
  • Mistreatment
  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Fear.

But there is good news: God has provided help in His word. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled offers pastoral counsel and biblical comfort to real people with real problems, helping them to navigate the path of suffering with calmness of soul and peace that passes understanding. Writing as a "fellow student in the school of affliction, not as a professor or expert on the subject, but one who has traveled far enough to know that God is real, his promises trustworthy, and his love better than life," Gowens believes that the believer has the spirig.tual resources necessary to glorify God by enduring the many crises of life. These pages contain both practical guidance and substantive encouragement. Here is real help for the hurting.

Product B43 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Price/Unit $ 19.95 Qty


Chapter titles include:

  • Where is God in My Pain?
  • Play the Man: Recovering a Masculine Faith
  • Cast Down but not Destroyed (Depression)
  • When God Says "No" (Disappointment)
  • Never Alone (Loneliness)
  • Suffering for Well-Doing (Mistreatment)
  • A Conscience Void of Offense (Guilt)
  • Man of Sorrows: What a Name! (Grief)
  • Think on What is True (Fear & Anxiety)
  • Songs in the Night
  • Never Beyond Hope
  • Heaviness Now, But Heaven is Coming
  • and more...
About this book:
Michael Gowens writes concerning Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: "This title differs in tone from my previous books. Each of my prior titles fall into the doctrinal genre, with a more academic aim of teaching the Bible. This volume, however, is thoroughly pastoral, with a focus on helping struggling people to think through and respond to the specific issues that trouble them in a God-honoring way. The writing style, consequently, is more personal, applicatory and direct than I've previously employed. Such a pastoral approach with its note of comfort and encouragement, together with its aim of applying Biblical principles to real-life situations, is especially needed (it seems to me) in these challenging days."

The book is organized into three sections. Part 1 offers General Counsel regarding the theme of suffering. Part 2 provides Specific Counsel regarding particular areas of inward trial, such as depression, loneliness, guilt, grief, and more. Part 3 gives General Comfort, applicable to trials and afflictions as a whole, whatever particular form those troubles may take.

The Introduction concludes with these words: "May these pages convey my unhesitating conviction, forged and hardened on the anvil of personal experience, that God is faithful to sustain His believing children in their various trials, that He is enough for you, that His grace is sufficient, and that His purpose in chastening and training His child is not to crush, but to purify, that you may reflect His glorious character and serve Him as a 'vessel meet for the Master’s use'."

Product B43 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Price/Unit $ 19.95 Qty


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