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Home Books Walking With God: A Collection of Poems

Walking With God: A Collection of Poems

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by Elder Ralph E. Harris

Published 2014 by Sovereign Grace Publication

342 pages Hardbound

A collection of 460 poems by the long-time editor of the Advocate and Messenger, a Primitive Baptist periodical. Sections include poetry on The Character of God, Salvation by Grace, The Glory of Christ, Christian Experience, The Hope of Heaven, The Word of God, Godly Living and more.

"Modern folk, especially Christian people, need to rediscover the importance of poetry...I know of nothing so conducive to the fruitful Christian discipline of meditation as good poetry. More than once in my life, I've reached for a book of hymn-poems to breathe life into my languid faith and cold heart. The devotional benefit spawned by reflection on sublimely worded, theologically-sound lyrics cannot be overstated."

- from the "Foreword" by Michael Gowens



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